Artificial Intelligence: The basics of AI

Artificial Intelligence: The basics of AI

artificial-intelligence brain

A lot big brains from the Human industries talks about Artificial Intelligence. How they are going change our lifestyle or the way we live. Artificial Intelligence is the start button of some kind of new evolution, it may completely change the life on planet Earth. Some says AI can revolutionize all sort of industries. Others says AI can be the biggest threat to human kind. So what AI can actually do or how far we can go with AI…????

Let’s first breakdown the Artificial Intelligence into its basics. Artificial Intelligence is basically a computer program that works on its own. In more simple language AI is the artificial brain. The recreation of human brain into a program, a program that is able to think by itself. Same as the way our human brain collects data or more specifically information from our surrounding and process it to some valuable information which we can understand. The AI also do the same it also collects the information from different sources & process it in some sensible data so that they can react on it.

Artificial Intelligence : Computer Vision

Let’s start understanding the light sensing and processing done by AI.  As we know the human sense light by their eyes and their brain tries to process it in some sensible information. AI does the same too but in a very similar but in a different way …

Confused … ??? Lets see …
This branch of Artificial Intelligence is called computer vision. Here camera and sensors replace eyes. The program use Camera and sensors to see the world and collect the information. The collected information then react as the AI is programed. For example a robot which is programed to pick up a certain kind of stuff only, or self driving cars.

Tesla's autopilot technology using sensors

Artificial Intelligence : Speech Recognition

To the light now let’s move to the sound part. In humans sound plays a very important role in communication, here brains exchange information by speaking and listening. In AI they use different sound sensors to understand what humans are saying and responds accordingly. For example Alexa, Siri, Google voice assistant etc. This branch of Artificial Intelligence is known as Speech Recognition.

Artificial Intelligence : NLP

Another mode of communication we humans use is just by reading and understanding simple text. Here too AI use a similar format, it react just by understanding and analysing simple text. For example the Google Search Engine or the suggesting your next interested products analysing your past searches. This branch of Artificial Intelligence is known as NLP aka Natural Language Processing.

machine learning

After getting all this information our brain has different vision on our world, it see pattern in objects. Same as AI do also … This branch of Artificial Intelligence is known as Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Here the AI program gets a lot of data for analysing the pattern and to work on it.

Artificial Intelligence : Tesla's Autopilot

For better understanding our above topics, lets take a example of Elon Mask’s company Tesla cars and its autopilot feature. While driving a car human has their eyes to see, ears to hear, and ofcourse brain to process this information. A whole lot of data to know when to accelerate, when to hit the break or to move the steering wheel at a certain direction. Now when it comes to self driving cars, they don’t have drivers to act their, here comes the role of AI.

As of now lets see what tesla cars self driving AI technology do in the real world. Tesla’s AI get its information from its 8 camera sensors in different parts of the car,  can see nearly up to 250 meters. This sensors can detect other cars, road signals, road marking and signs. There are also 12 ultrasonic sound sensors which help in parking and while in road detecting how far are the objects. At the last there is a radar facing in the front which is very helpful in mist, snow and in rainy conditions. Collecting all the information from the different sensors it then pass to a chip which controls the steering, break and acceleration of the car.
Not only this all the data collected is send to a server computer in the headquarters of  the Tesla with many other cars data too. The data is used by the AI to learn and train itself for it to be a better version in self driving. These trained data is used in new cars for self driving…  see how cool and interesting is this !

 Mr Musk also says that in coming years the autopilot feature will be more advanced, it will be twice safe then human drivers. Not only in cars but AI would be in almost every industry in coming years.

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