Black Hole: The mysterious space object

Black Hole: The mysterious space object

Space has always been everyone’s fantasy. There are so many mysterious object in the space. One of them is Black Hole. Black holes are one of the most curious, mysterious and strangest object always been with the physicist. After so many of researches and theories still most of it is unknown. Let’s see what we know about Black holes. Like … How are they formed? Where did they come from? And some many more of them …

What is a Black Hole?

black hole is a region in space where the gravitational field is so intense that no physical material whether material or radiation nothing can’t escape from it.

Black hole
Black Hole

If we look at the black hole what we are able to see is the Event Horizon only. In case to cross the event horizon one must need to travel faster than light. In other words, it is impossible to escape the Event horizon. And that is the reason why we see a true black hole in the space. Since even light cannot escape the hole, light doesn’t reflect back, and hence it appears to be black.

Neutron star
Neutron Star

Event Horizon is the black part of the Black Hole. So what might be the whole part of the black hole? It is known as the singularity. It is infinitely dense ( D = ∞ ), which means all of its mass is concentrated in a single point, with no surface or volume.

There are different types of black holes, depending on their sizes. The smaller one with a few times more mass than our sun called Stellar mass black holes, and a diameter of 10 km – 50 km. And there are supermassive Black holes found mostly at the center of a galaxy, They might be a billion years old. the largest known black hole is S5 0014+81. Its mass is nearly a billion times more than our sun, and a diameter of about 236.7 billion kilometers.

How a star is formed

Before knowing about the Black Holes one should have an idea of a star. Stars formed when clouds of gaseous atoms collapsed on their own gravity and fuse into themselves. In other words we can say stars are a collection massive amount of atoms specially Hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen Atoms fuse and forms heavier element called Helium in the core of the star. A tremendous amount energy is released in the form of radiation. Radiation works against gravity, hence a balance between the forces is maintained. As long as there is fusion in the star it will be stable.

How the Black Hole is formed

We know how a star is formed by the fusion of hydrogen atoms. But the scene is a bit different when it comes to star that is a lot more massive than our sun. In such stars the heat and pressure at the core allow them to fuse into heavier elements until Iron. Energy is not generated in the fusion process of creating Iron unlike the other element formed before Iron. At the core, the Iron is formed until it reaches the critical point. It gives rise to a huge gravity but there is no counter radiation. Hence the balance between the radiation and gravity is broken and the core is collapsed.

fusion in sun

The star implodes in a fraction of a second. In the process it feeds more mass in the core, moving at about a quarter of the speed of light. Resulting in the star dies in a supernova explosion. This is the very right moment when all of the heavier elements of the universe are formed. Here if the star is small it will form a Neutron star. And if the star is massive enough (nearly 20 times of our sun), the entire core collapse into a black hole. This is the way how a black hole is formed when a star dies.

The behavior of Black Hole

The experience of time is a bit different in the case of a black hole. Let’s Suppose someone ( object A ) falls into the Black hole. When object A approaches towards the event Horizon, outside the black hole. Time seems to slow down for him, and slowly time will freeze for him. Slowly object A will disappear into the black hole. According to some physicist object A might also see the whole universe in fast forward. 

Blackhole is a one-way path, once you go in there might be only one way to get out of it. The gravity curves the space so much that once an object goes in there is no way back. And the mass of the black hole is also so concentrated, and the gravity too. Each centimeter of the object will experience a gravity more than a million times that it experiences in normal conditions. Basically, the object will crush, as all the particles will get apart, due to the intense amount of force. So if you are thinking of going into one think twice.

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