Get regular income from Gold
gold bond

Get regular income from Gold

We all love gold if you think you don’t just hold a piece of gold in your hand and that’s how India comes at the first position at consuming gold jewellery.
Most people buy gold to wear but all of them have an investment perspective back of there mind. Some think that it will help them in bad times and some purely buy gold as an investment perspective and if you are one of them you should go through this article where I have tried to explain the best way to invest into gold and generate a regular income from gold.

👉Investing in Physical Gold

gold sovereign bond


  • You can touch and feel it.
  • Lock-in Period: No lock-in period


  • Making Charges: You will have to pay making charges every time you buy physical gold, and that too if it’s a reputed brand or shop you will have pay high making charges.
  • Security Issue: You will always have the fear of keeping your gold safe.
  • Inconsistent price: Price changes based on Location and Brand.
  • Inconsistent Quality: If you buy it from any local shop you will never be sure about the purity of the gold.
  • Polishing charges: With time gold gets scratches and colour gets dull so you need to polish it, and that will incur as an additional maintenance charge.
  • No ROI until you sell it: You will not get any (ROI) return on investment on the physical gold that you have purchased until you sell it.

👉Investing in Sovereign Gold Bond

gold sovereign bond


  • Highly Safe: No issues with security, since it will be kept in your Demat account as an electronic certificate
  • Better ROI: Gives regular income of 2.5 to 2.75% per year payable semi-annually. Along with that you also get the price according to the current market price of gold that year.
  • Tax Benefits: No tax on the interest earned.
  • No Maintenance Cost: No maintenance cost is required.
  • Security Issue: No issues with security, since it will be in your Demat account.
  • Inconsistent Quality: No need to worry about quality here you are promised of having the gold on the certificate that RBI issues on behalf of the government.
  • Inconsistent price: Consistent price.


  • You can’t touch and feel it
  • Lock-in Period: It has a lock-in period of 8 years but you can take an exit after 5 years.

How to buy Sovereign Gold Bond❔❔

  • All Banks (Private or Public) gives you the option to buy Sovereign Gold Bond.
  • You can ask your Stock Broker like  (Zerodha)
  • Post Office Branches

How much gold can you buy under this scheme Sovereign Gold Bond❔

  • You can in the multiple of 1 gram
  • Minimum 1 gram
  • Maximum 4000 gram (4 kg) for an individual
  • Price: Current price as on 28th Aug’2020 is Rs 5067 per gram {More details on price

That’s it for this blog and until then keep investing & keep generating a regular income from gold and I will come with a new blog soon.
Please comment below whether you knew about it or it’s the first time you are introduced to this sovereign gold bond.

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